Adam Thurlow

Goals In Review

Jul. 13, 2009 - Posted by Thurloat

It's about that time that I come out and see how my planned goals are coming. I hate making excuses for not doing things, and it hurts me to do so. So here's a long list of excuses.


Whether or not anyone has heard, my father passed away from complications with chemotherapy on July 3rd, 2010. Sparing all of the emotional outcry, it's thrown a wrench into my plans and put me out of commission for a week or two. I won't say that I haven't made ANY progress, as a couple goals are in the double digit completion range. Here's the breakdown.

Contribute something good to an Open Source project

Verdict : 0%. Sadly I haven't had any time to work on personal projects / scour github for fun code to do stuff with.

Follow up with at least 1 of the micro-startup idea

Verdict : 15%. I've actually had a few minutes to think about this, so I determined that any decision is a good one. So I started investigating the idea. Haven't gone any further than doing some proof of concept iMDB apps, but the ball IS rolling.

Break the 100 Twitter Followers barrier (real 125)

Verdict : ~75%. At the time of writing, my twitter counter reads 119 followers. I'm surprised at this growth, as I've really been slacking lately in good tweets / anything not involving my father or his funeral. It's amazing how supportive even people I know only on twitter can be. Thanks everyone, and I promise that I'll bring more fun and geeky goodness again soon.

Work on our Wedding & RSVP website

Verdict : 5%. Again, Sadly this has been put on the side recently with all of this commotion going about. I've been thinking about it some and I am aiming to begin having some fun programming this on Tuesday. At LEAST 2 hours. Signed and Verified by me, even entered into my Google Calendar.

Finish 2 Paintings

Verdict : 0%. Just getting back on my feet this week, this one I seem to be having the more difficulty justifying spending extra time on. I hate putting it off, but this month is super crammed. I'm going to revise this goal to be a more reasonable 1 painting. (either half of my huge canvas painting, or a start to finish smaller one).

Finish my Mother’s Website

Verdict : 0%. Considering both my Mother and I have been disposed of for the last week, I don't think that she'll be ready to work on this one in the short term, so I don't expect to start on this one until at least the end of the month.

Lose 15 pounds

Verdict : 5%. I could have worked on this while I was in Parrsboro, but I just couldn't find the energy. So I started last night again, with a regime that is sure to help me out in this department. I haven't lost any more than what could just be day-to-day weight fluctuation so it's not even worth reporting on. (however my new jeans seem to just barely now require a belt)

This is not the outcome I was hoping for, but I did make some effort in a few of these goals. and I've revised a few of them to make them more realistic in the time frame that I have left.