Adam Thurlow

The Picard Loop

Jun. 22, 2009 - Posted by Thurloat

So, here I was (you are here). Sitting on the couch, leisurely watching “John and Kate plus 8”. When I looked over at Jessica’s Psychology Quiz. This text is quoted straight from an University Psych textbook... seriously.

If Captain Picard leaves Deep Space Nine at 0900 hours and travels at Warp 4 his shuttlecraft, he can rendezvous with the Starship Enterprise in 4. 2 hours. However, in order to reach the ship so quickly, he would have to travel through the Neutral Zone, and his presence would undoubtedly be noticed by Romulan warships, which would attack and destroy his craft. Thus, Picard realizes that he will have to take another route to the ship and thus devises what comes to be known as the “Picard loop” to get around the neutral zone. The Captain has applied ____.

  1. crystallized intelligence ability
  2. an algorithm
  3. deductive reasoning skill
  4. means-ends analysis

My question is:

Why is picard on Deep Space Nine?