Adam Thurlow

Google Chrome for Mac!

Jun. 05, 2009 - Posted by Thurloat

I just got my mitts on Google Chrome for Mac. The JS speed is incredible.

There is actually a visually noticeable speed difference when using our Framework back-end. I might just start using it for adminning sites / content entry because it doesn’t ever bog down on the heavy JS activity with Chunk revisions. It just seems to be more snappy in general compared to FF 3.01, where, on many occasions FF will freeze for 1/4 of a second when it’s processing JS or finishing a page load. It creates a frustration inside of me so deep and burning ...

Seriously. It’s only quarter of a second, but if I had all of those quarter seconds back, I’d for sure have at least a minute on my hands.

P.S. i just noticed that half of the toolbar for making tumblr posts has disappeared in chrome.. weird.